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2023 Playdowns

  • Coach or Manager needs to check in at the PIC Blueline Room before each game.
  • Bring a $600 check made out to MN Hockey at your Twin Cities Playdowns first game. No check, no play.
  • Bring copy of completed MN Hockey High School Enrollment form.
  • Dressing Area assignments will be posted on monitors.
  • Warm-ups and game pucks will be provided.
  • The home team will provide a clock operator and home penalty box person.
  • The visiting team will provide a GameSheet scorekeeper and visitor penalty box person.
  • JGHSL Twin Cities will provide IPads for scoring.
  • Score sheets are online and available via GameSheet.
  • Results will be posted on JGHSL website as games are completed.
  • JGB Twin Cities will use JGHSL JGB Pool Playdown Rules listed below.
  • JGA, JG16  will break the end-of-game ties using section X. DISTRICT, REGION STATE TOURNAMENTS, J. BREAKING OF TIES, #1 in the Minnesota Hockey Handbook.
  • JGA: 12 teams qualify for Playdowns.
  • JGB: top 8 teams in each Division in league standings qualify excluding Northern JGB teams who have their own Playdowns in Virginia MN.
  • JG16: top 12 teams in league standings qualify including Northern JG16 teams.
  • Northern JGB Playdowns listed below.