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Welcome to the Junior Gold High School Hockey League

The Junior Gold High School Hockey League oversees the Junior Gold/16 program in the greater Twin Cities Area. 


Updates are made as needed.

Please note: The official version of the JGHSL Handbook is the online version posted below.


League:  $750

Playdown:   $750

State Tournament:  $400


    !!! ATTENTION !!! This is an Update for JGHSL Coaches Clinic and USAH Coaching Certifications

    After having discussions with USAH there is a possibility that we will be able to offer the JGHSL Clinic remotely and we are currently discussing the format and content with them and our group of clinic facilitators. A number of successful USA Hockey virtual clinics have already taken place and have been attended by JG clinic facilitators. With help from USAH we are optimistic we can continue to offer our coaches a valuable learning experience as we have in previous clinics. Our tentative date will be the weekend of Nov. 21/22. 


    Please continue to check the site for updates.  A decision should be available within the next 2 weeks.


    JGHSL Coaches Clinic and USAH Coaching Certifications

    Due to the recommended State of MN COVID-19 safety recommendations and the nature of how the instructional material is presented in our clinic, it has been decided that we will unfortunately not be able to hold the clinic this year and nor would our clinic work through an online Zoom presentation.

    In its place we ask that all coaches who need to acquire either their initial Level 1 certification, higher level certifications or re-certifications, to do so through the USAH Coaches Clinics site at this link:


    On this link you will find all the information needed to take a virtual clinic on line and their should be more then enough available for you to do so.

    Note that there is a new temporary card being introduced as a flexible option for coaches to maintain their certification if they are unable to attend a virtual coaching clinic, which I feel is acceptable for coaches that need to re-certify for their Level 2 or 3 if you cannot attend a clinic, but I do not feel that is an acceptable option to re-certify as Level 1 or to acquire their initial Level 1. So if you are a Level 1 from last season or are a new first time coach I am going to require that you take a virtual clinic to either get your initial Level 1 or to go up to Level 2 from a 1. If there are any questions about this, you may contact me directly via my contact information listed in the JGHSL Handbook provided on this site.

    Thank you for your understanding on this issue and hopefully we can have a successful season that will get us to our play downs and finally a State Tournament. 

    Terry "Harley" Greene

    Minnesota Jr. Gold Coach-In-Chief


    Minnesota Hockey Offers College Scholarships

    The Junior Gold High School League has two $1,500 scholarships available to graduating seniors properly rostered on a junior gold team.

    These two scholarships are named in honor of Wes Barrette and Bruce Kruger; two of the founding fathers of Junior Gold High School Hockey in Minnesota.

    Wes Barrette: The Herb Brook Foundation established the Youth Hockey Hall of Fame award in 2005. The purpose of the award is to recognize the unsung heroes of youth hockey who donate their time and energy year after year to create more positive opportunities for our youth. The inaugural Herb Brooks Foundation (HBF) Hall of Fame inductee is Wes Barrette.

    As a youth coach on the East Side of St. Paul, Minn., Wes Barrette taught ice hockey for 45 years while instilling valuable life lessons to generations of players, who today are fondly referred to as "Wessy's Boys." A caring disciplinarian who was deeply devoted to his players, Barrett passed away in 1998 at age 70.

    Barrette sought to provide extra playing opportunities. His midget “ Junior Gold “ teams were largely composed of those cut from the rosters of high school squads. Some players willingly passed up a season or two of high school hockey just to get the chance to play for him. Over the years, Barrette recorded more than 600 victories and his charges went on to reach success at the college, professional and Olympic levels.

    Barrette started Hayden Prosperity, the first hockey team east of Phalen Lake in St. Paul in 1953. In 1984, Barrette was instrumental in creating the Metro Hockey League, now known as the Junior Gold High School League.  The Wes Barrette Award was later established by this board of directors in 1997 and is awarded annually to the league's coach of the year.

    In recognition of his lasting contributions to the sport of ice hockey, Barrette twice received the President's Award from MAHA “ Minnesota Hockey”. USA Hockey also awarded the William Thayer Tutt Award to Wes Barrette in 1999.

    Bruce Kruger Bruce Kruger was a long time Junior Gold High School League, Metro Hockey League, and Minnesota Hockey board member and a major proponent of Junior Gold hockey.

    Known for his firm yet fair and kind demeanor, Bruce had a vibrant passion for hockey and connecting with people that fueled over 45 years of service as a youth hockey volunteer. Bruce was the recipient of the prestigious Don Clark Award in 2018 , presented by Minnesota Hockey to an individual who over a period of many years has been dedicated to the grassroots growth and development of youth hockey in Minnesota.

    In 2006 the Metro Hockey League, Now know as the Junior Gold High School League began the “Made it Happen” award to recognize the enormous contributions of people who are not coaches, such as district or individual association Jr. Gold Directors and / or tournament directors. These are the local folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to organize, recruit, expand, register and even “nurse” the teams in their associations to grow all levels of Junior Gold Hockey in Minnesota.

    In 2017, the Metro-Junior Gold High School Hockey league renamed this Award the “Bruce Kruger Award” after Bruce’s untimely passing in 2016.  Bruce was a founding father of the Metro Hockey- Junior Gold High School League and remained active as its Treasurer along with countless other things he did to improve this league before he passed. His dedication, passion and selfless service embodies the very reason this award was created.

    In Addition, also in 2017, The Metro - Junior Gold High School League added a second scholarship offered named in Bruce Kruger ‘s honor as a part of the Minnesota Hockey scholarship program.


    MINNESOTA HOCKEY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM DETAILS 2021 Details will be announced in December


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